Maria Esparza 



Maria Esparza was a first time home buyer who spoke Spanish and was need of someone who was able to help her with her needs due to working late hours and only available in the weekends. She did not know how much money she had to save up and how to begin the process of searching for a home. She had contacted me from a previous home I had sold in the neighborhood that she had been wanting to live in. I schedule with her my free first time home Buyer consultation back in 2017 and began working on the proper steps to be able to get her the proper loan amount needed to purchase her dream home. Along the way, we overcame typical first time home buyer hurdles and I was able to get her to close on her dream home with all the terms and monthly payment she had requested from the first day we met back in 2016. Her excitement and joy on closing day is the reason I enjoy helping family home buying dreams come true. Thank you, Maria, it was a blessing having you as my client and I look forward to helping you or anyone else you may know in their real estate needs.


Mr. and Mrs. Morales



Mr. and Mrs. Morales were first time home buyers here in San Antonio Texas. Moving from California with no knowledge of anyone to guide them. They reached out to my brokerage at Keller Williams Heritage where I was referred to them because of my capability to speak Spanish back in November of 2017. I was able to help them with the process of finding a lender who would be able to attend there needs in finding the right loan for their dream home. Which my knowledge of San Antonio, I was also able to narrow down areas in San Antonio that fit their needs based on their criteria. They were truly a blessed couple and I thank them for their patients and for trusting me and my team from a far distance in guiding them throughout the process and making everything they had wished for come true.


Mr. & Mrs. Alamo



Mr & Mrs. Alamo we’re in need of selling there home to move to Florida to be closer to their family. They had thought about selling there home on there own because people would tell them it’s an easy process. But this being their first time selling a property, I am thankful they trusted in me in getting the job done right. Me being a bilingual realtor I was able to negotiate exactly what they needed and was able to overcome many obstacles that were unexpected with the condition of there home. They truly felt that if they had decided to do it own there own, they would have never been able to achieve the amount they felt they deserve. I can’t say this was an easy transition, but I can say, I am happy with the results and I am truly happy that my clients were beyond satisfied with my service to them. We both look forward to working together again.


Mr & Mrs. Delgado



Mr & Mrs. Delgado we’re first time home buyers and were not fully aware of where to begin in the process of purchasing a home. With the help of my financing team at CMG Financing, we were able to overcome many obstacles and achieve their goal of becoming homeowners. Me being a bilingual realtor, I was able to facilitate the buying process in Spanish much easier and made it enjoyable for them. I am great full that they allowed me to be their realtor, which is why I love what I do every day.