Alfred and Lucie Habarugira



I am pleased to say that Alfred and Lucie are official homeowners in Texas. Alfred and Lucie have been looking forward to this day to come since we began the process 4 years ago. My preferred lender Carlo Colantonio at CMG Financial has walked them throughout the entire process of how to fix their credit, what to do, what to pay off. So that I can get them to this point where I was able to find them a home to purchase over $300,000 for their family of eight children with no down payment and no closing cost. On top of that, my team at CMG financial was able to get the money back at the closing table of $1,000. Once we had the full loan approval. I was able to go to work and find them their dream home in a matter of a week. It is a true blessing to see how hard my team work together to get The Habarugira and their family the home they deserved. They mentioned to me that they had never experienced this much customer service that brought them great joy. Contragulation Alfred and Lucie and your eight wonderful children.


Collin and Carolina Bradford



Carolina and Collin were amazing first time home buyers that could not believe how fast and easy the process was for purchasing their very first home. They were referred to me by one of the clients who was also in the process of purchasing her very first home. I had reached out to them immediately once I received their contact information and offer them my free home buying consultation. From that day we first met, I understood their goals and what was important to them in a home and why it was important to them.


Sonia and Enrique Ortega



I am extremely happy to have had Sonia and Enrique as my clients and now new homeowners. They were referred to me by a great friend of mine who was also looking into the process of purchasing a home. We first met back at the end of 2016 hope to purchase in 2017. Due to timing, they had decided to wait for 2018 to purchase their home. I consistently followed up with them throughout the year and making sure they stated on the planned I provided for them and making sure they never had a question unanswered. When the day finally came to begin the house hunt, we were 10 steps ahead and able to find them the right home that fits their family needs in a matter of weeks. By the time we knew it, the closing day was around the corner that either one of us knew how to say goodbye because we had worked together for so long to make to wonderful goal happen. A lot of work went into this process that a lot of people can not imagine until they begin the process themselves. But I am extremely grateful that they trusted in me and I was able to make their dreams come true and experience every moment with them. Thank you.


Cris and Allison Mendoza



Cris and Allison had purchased a home before with another realtor back in 2015. In early 2018 they decided to purchase a second home and rent out the previous home. They had heard from previous clients of mine of how smooth, easy, and fast the process had been with me as their realtor. They decided to contact me and hire me to represent them in the buying process and as well help them in renting out there home. In a matter of days, after my free Homebuying consultation, I was able to get them with the right lender for a full approval status to purchase their new dream home. Not too long after that, we were under contract with a home they fell in love with because I was able to show them the right house because I truly listen to what was important to them and why. Everything fell into place and they could not believe that a few weeks ago we were just bearly having the conversation of starting the process. Thank you, Allison and Cris, for trusting me and giving me the opportunity of being your realtor. In our short amount of time, I enjoyed every minute of it. Thank you once again.


Jose Luis Infante & Freddy Cardoza



Jose Luis and Freddy were first time home buyer who got in contact with myself back in 2016 and we ended up finding a home and closing on 2018. Having the opportunity to be part of this journey and helping the Cardoza’s make their dreams a reality was truly an honor.


Vivian Rhames



Vivian Rhames never purchase a home until 2018. I was so happy when the moment came and I was able to present her with her keys to her dream home. She was so overwhelmed with excitement that words could not describe how she felt. Throughout the process she kept saying, I won’t believe it until I sign the papers and hold the keys in my hand. So when I gave her the keys, I don’t think she still believed it. That feeling knowing that I was able to get her to her goal of owning her first home is priceless. These are the type of reason I do my job and love what I do. There are many first time home buyers having a horrible experience and it’s 90% because the realtor was not able to explain to them what actually happening and why. I am glad Vivian is very extremely happy with my services and would recommend me to anyone. Thank you, Vivian.


Joseph Lamanna



Joseph Lamanna was a first time home buyer in 2018. This was a very special closing in my heart because of everything Joseph had to overcome in his personal life. Every closing means the world to me, but I am very grateful that I was able to work with him and represent him as his Realtor. Joseph being a first time home buyer, not knowing how to start looking or who to trust, I was blessed that he took every bit of information I was able to provide for him with such positive attitude. Thank you for your friendship and being my client.


Mr. and Mrs. Flores



Mr. Mrs. Flores was referred to me. By my pasted clients who were their neighbor from across the street after they had seen that I sold their neighbor house in one day. They had seen how strong a negotiator I was and how much thought I had placed in my marketing strategy that I was able to sell their home at the price they were more than happy with and with the conditions that fit their needs. I am truly grateful for the opportunity they gave me and I am looking forward to there return back home to San Antonio once there kids are all grown up and ready find a new home. 

Rudy Sanchez



Mr. Sanchez had just recently moved back to San Antonio Texas and was looking for a home for him and his family, on his own. He came across my information when he called on one of my listing properties and explained to me their situation and the trouble they were having in finding a home that fit all there needs. We immediately began working together and in a matter of a week, I was able to find them there dream home. The only issues were that this home they fell in love with had just recently been rezoned to commercial property and no longer as a residential property. Thankfully with my eagerness to getting the job done, I was able to find a way to make the deal work for both my clients and seller and getting the home approval for the loan on a residential side. This one was a hard task in front of us, but thankfully with the team, I had behind me and the listing agent willing to help in make this work. My client and his family were able to purchase there dream home on their terms. Thank you, Mr. Sanchez, in never losing fate in me and my team.

Dan & Zamyre Rodriquez


Dan and Zamyre were an amazing couple to work with. I started working with them back in December 2017. Them being first-time homebuyers. We took our time making sure we found the right home at the right price point that fit their and their family needs. I loved that they were never afraid to ask question throughout the process. That made my job even easier knowing they fully understood the process and the journey ahead of us. We did face some small delays along the way, but they trusted in me and valued my professional opinions and we were able to overcome everything. I was blessed to have these two as my clients and I wish them all the happiness.